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Peace Memory Book Now Available! Print E-mail

Peace, the first memory book in the Beginner Adult series, is in print once more! Peace has fifteen assignments of two to three verses each (King James Version), and has one to two pages of notes after each assignment.

In this new printing, we have redesigned the interior layout to be more readable than ever before. We have even added two pages of helps and study questions after each assignment, revised from the Premier Adult series (NKJV versions of the Beginner Adult series), to guide your meditations on God's Word as you memorize.

Take a look at the Peace memory book here!

New Website Coming! Print E-mail

We are pleased to announce that the Scripture Memory Fellowship website is going to have a makeover! 3Fold Creative will give us a new look, making it easier than ever before for you to learn about and purchase our powerful tools for memorizing Scripture.

If you are having any problems ordering or registering on our website, please call our office at (888) 569-2560, and we will be glad to take your order by phone.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience in the short term, but we ask you to bear with us as we transition to the new site, and be sure to visit us as we make more content and features available.

Jesus Commands Now Available Print E-mail

Jesus Commands, the first memory book in the new Word of Christ adult series, is now available!

Written by Dr. James A. Woychuk, the in-progress Word of Christ series seeks to take the memorizer through sixty main categories of Jesus' teaching. Jesus Commands covers the first twelve categories, Jesus' commands to the believer to "Abide," "Believe," Repent," "Pray," "Love," "Forgive," and more.

Jesus Commands has twelve assignments of thirteen to sixteen verses each, and has two pages of commentary following each assignment. We have designed the interior layout to be readable, and included a page with each assignment as space for you to write your own notes and questions as you memorize and meditate on the words of Christ.

You can read more about the Jesus Commands memory book here.

Let There Be Light! Now Available Print E-mail

Let There Be Light!, the first memory book in the Basic Adult series, is in print once more! Let There Be Light! has fifteen assignments of seven verses each, and has two pages of notes following each assignment.

In this new printing, we have redesigned the interior layout to be more readable, and added two additional pages of study questions after each assignment.

You can see the Let There Be Light! memory book here, or take a look at the Let There Be Light! Incentive Package here!

Note: This printing of Let There Be Light! is discounted to half-price, as the paper used in printing unfortunately prevents the pages from laying completely flat. We apologize for any inconvenience.

2010 Annual Store Update Print E-mail

New Incentive Package Rewards! The scripturememoryfellowship.org online store is now again up and running, now with the latest rewards (current to The Memorizer Spring 2010). You can view the new list of Progress Rewards arranged by age and Completion Rewards (all rewards are used in our Incentive Packages).

NOTE: If you wish to order rewards from previous editions of The Memorizer, call our office or e-mail us, and we will help you with your order and inform you of availability of old rewards.

We've Moved! Print E-mail

Our office operations moved on Saturday, February 13, 2010 from St. Louis, Missouri to the city of Hannibal, Missouri (about 100 miles northwest of St. Louis). For our new contact information, view our Contact Us page.


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